mY feELinG coLoUr

aLL the coLour haVe faDed tHan i fEeL yoUr eYes oN mE… 

feeLinG bLuE
when i’M trYinG tO foRgeT feeLinG tHat i MizZ u…

feeLinG gReeN
wHeN thE jeaLouSy weLL & iT won’t gO awaY iN dreAmS

fEeLinG yeLLoW
iF i’M coNFuseD inSide aLittLe haZy buT meLLow

feELinG Red
wHen yoU sPenD aLL youR tiMe wiTh yoUr friEnDs anD not Me insTead

fEeLiNg bLacK
when i ThinK abouT aLL oF thinK abouT aLL of tHings tHat i FeeL i LacK

fEeLing FinE SubLime wHeN thaT sMile oF youR cReepS inTo mY minD…



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